Medicaid Bed in a Nursing HomeFor many seniors, the only hope they have of paying for a nursing home is to qualify for Medicaid. Very few people have the income or savings to pay out of pocket for a facility that costs an average of $5000 a month in Texas. Since Medicaid pays nursing homes less per day than a private-pay resident pays, facilities prefer residents who are not on Medicaid. Despite this, approximately 85 percent of nursing homes still accept Medicaid, although they may limit the number of Medicaid residents they accept. Almost every nursing home has a certain number of Medicaid beds—usually a shared room—available. The key is to find one in a quality facility.

Nursing Homes With More Medicaid Beds Get Lower Ratings

The reality is that money equals quality. When a nursing home has money, it can hire more employees to take care of residents, provide more enriching activities, and invest in equipment and facilities that help them provide better care. According to the federal government’s ratings of skilled nursing facilities, the nursing homes with the worst overall quality ratings have the highest numbers of Medicaid beds. While facilities with one-star ratings have an average of 69 percent of residents on Medicaid, five-star facilities only have 49 percent of their residents on Medicaid. Because the facility is making about 25 percent more on private-pay residents, this is not surprising. However, just because you require a Medicaid bed, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a nursing home with a low overall quality rating.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Care

At Ross & Shoalmire, our Elder Law team is committed to helping seniors pay for the nursing home care they need. For many, this means finding ways to qualify for Medicaid. In addition, we help our clients and their families find high-quality facilities to take them, despite being on Medicaid. We know how to find the best nursing home placements for our clients and will do what it takes to ensure that they get the long-term care they need.

We have relationships with many agencies providing services to the elderly, including excellent nursing homes. It is never too soon to contact us to talk about your own needs or those of an aging parent or disabled spouse. Call our office nearest you—in Longview, Texarkana, Paris, or Tyler—to get started today.

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