It seems like you can find anything on the internet these days, even free Estate Planning documents. You may be tempted to save yourself the time and money involved in hiring an estate planning attorney and just print off a few forms. Is a do-it-yourself Will enough to protect your family home and life savings? Probably not. 

Don’t risk your family’s future by trying to handle this complicated legal process by yourself. Contact our Estate Planning team. We’ll take a look at your situation, talk to you about your goals, and let you know how we can help you achieve them. You’ve worked hard for what you have, and our decades of real-world experience can help you protect your assets for future generations.

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One reason a cookie-cutter approach to Estate Planning doesn’t work is that every family is unique. If your family situation includes divorce, minor children, no children, considerable assets, a family business, remarriages, a commitment to charitable giving, or disabled dependents, your Estate Plan will have to address the issues these situations can create. We offer the following services, tailored to your specific needs:

  • Wills. With a will, you can name beneficiaries, designate a guardian for minor children, keep assets from certain people, and name someone to execute the Will. If a Will is an adequate tool for your situation, we will draft one that accomplishes your goals.   
  • Trusts. To avoid Probate and disburse your assets in a specific way, you will need to create a Trust. There are several types of Trusts, and our team will help you choose the right vehicle to meet your needs. With a Trust, you can plan for dependents with special needs, set aside money for college tuition for children or grandchildren, avoid some taxes, and save your heirs from the Probate process after your death.
  • Powers of Attorney. By designating someone to act on your behalf in legal, financial, and healthcare matters if you become incapacitated, you will protect your assets and your family in a worst-case situation. Your Power of Attorney designee will be able to make healthcare decisions for you, pay your bills, file tax returns, and sell property. 
  • Succession Plans. If you own a small business, our attorneys can help you create a plan for succession that outlines the transfer of ownership or control, resolves liquidity issues, and treats family members equitably. When you don’t have a Succession Plan in place, your business will suffer and you may create unnecessary family strife after your passing.
  • Tax Planning. We understand the complexities of the ever-changing tax laws in the United States and will help you create an Estate Plan that minimizes the taxes that will be owed upon your passing so that you can leave as much as possible to your loved ones.
  • Elder Law. A specialty practice area at Ross & Shoalmire, our Elder Law services help clients plan for the possibility of long-term care, including protecting hard-earned assets from the high cost of nursing homes.

The ultimate goal of any Estate Plan is Asset Protection. Our team will take the time to get to know you on a personal level, talk you through your options, and help you create an Estate Plan that gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will be provided for if something happens to you.

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