grandfather taking selfie with grandson in parkThe Baby Boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, represents one of the most significant demographic cohorts in American history. Their birth years, spanning nearly two decades, gave rise to a post-war population explosion that reshaped the country's social, economic, and cultural landscape. Today, this generation faces a unique set of challenges as they transition into their senior years.

At Ross & Shoalmire, our Elder Law attorneys proudly serve our senior population with Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, nursing home referrals, and other legal and personal services. We understand the unique challenges this generation faces in our overpriced, tech-heavy, disconnected world, and we are here to help as much as we can.

Defining the Baby Boom Generation

The Baby Boom generation earned its name from the surge in birth rates following World War II. During this period, returning soldiers and their families, along with economic prosperity and changing cultural norms, contributed to a remarkable increase in the U.S. population. As a result, the Baby Boomers have left an indelible mark on the nation's history, from their youthful rebellion in the 1960s and 1970s to their significant contributions to the workforce and society over the decades.

However, many Boomers don’t have the financial security their parents enjoyed and, as a result, are facing a tougher retirement and less comfortable end-of-life experience.

Elder Law Challenges Facing Baby Boomers Today

Today, Baby Boomers range in age from around 60 to nearly 80, with each age group decade experiencing unique trials and challenges. This generation has seen drastic changes in the way we live and how we take care of the elderly in our society, making life particularly difficult for some Boomers. A few of the unique situations they face include the following.


Many Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age, putting significant strain on retirement programs and Social Security. Unlike their parents, who could rely on pensions and Social Security benefits to see them through retirement, many Boomers will receive fewer benefits and will struggle to make ends meet.

Health Care

Aging brings an increased need for health care services. The rising costs of health care can be a significant financial burden. Most Boomers will soon qualify for Medicare, but in the meantime, getting by on a limited income and paying out-of-pocket medical expenses is a reality for many older people who have just enough assets and income to disqualify them from Medicaid benefits.

Family Dynamics

Many Baby Boomers are part of the "sandwich generation," meaning they are simultaneously caring for aging parents and supporting their own children, creating complex family dynamics and caregiving responsibilities. Due to the economic challenges facing their children’s generation, older Boomers can’t always expect to move in with their children as their parents might have done. In fact, many Baby Boomers are the custodial guardians of their grandchildren.

Housing and Living Arrangements

Housing options, such as aging in place or moving to retirement communities, are important decisions Baby Boomers must make. They may also grapple with issues related to home accessibility and affordability. Because the cost of retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes has far outpaced any growth in income for most Boomers, these options are less accessible than they were to the previous generation.

Social Isolation

Loneliness and social isolation can be significant concerns for some Baby Boomers, especially those who have retired, as they may face a lack of social interactions and a shrinking social network. Unlike previous generations, Baby Boomers were much more likely to leave their hometowns and spread out across the country, and their children continued the trend. As Boomers retire, become widows and widowers, and lose mobility, they often find themselves far from their adult children and other family members.

Technology Adoption

Embracing technology can be a challenge for some Baby Boomers. Learning to use digital tools for health care, communication, and daily life can be a steep learning curve. Advances in technology also mean more sophisticated scams targeting the elderly. Boomers with computers, smartphones, social media, and other modern conveniences are at a high risk of being financially exploited online.

How Elder Law Attorneys Can Address These Challenges

As Elder Law attorneys, we have a front-row seat to the challenges the Baby Boom generation is facing. Elder Law as a legal practice area is growing exponentially across the country as the elderly population grows, and we definitely see the same growth here in Texas and Arkansas. It is a dynamic practice area, changing as seniors encounter never-before-seen problems that require modern problem-solving.

At Ross & Shoalmire, we are meeting these challenges by going above and beyond as we provide the following elder law services.

Crafting Tailored Estate Solutions

Our mission is to empower seniors by developing comprehensive Estate Plans that encompass a spectrum of tools, from Wills and Trusts to Powers of Attorney and advance health care directives. These plans are meticulously tailored to ensure the seamless execution of their final wishes, including the thoughtful distribution of assets upon their passing.

Navigating the Medicaid Maze

We specialize in demystifying the complexities of Medicaid benefits, helping seniors secure support for nursing home expenses while preserving their financial assets whenever feasible.

Charting a Path for Long-Term Care

Our experienced team serves as trusted advisors, providing families with insights into various long-term care options, be it assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or home care services. We work in tandem with our clients to create custom financial plans for long-term care, facilitating well-informed decisions that align with their unique requirements.

Guardianship and Conservatorship Guidance

For elderly individuals facing cognitive decline or incapacity, we offer compassionate assistance to families seeking to establish guardianship or conservatorship. Our goal is to ensure that those who can no longer make sound decisions have a support system in place.

Maximizing Social Security Benefits

We offer invaluable guidance to seniors and their eligible family members on the intricacies of Social Security retirement benefits, survivor benefits, and disability benefits. Our mission is to help clients access and optimize these crucial financial resources.

Honoring Veterans' Legacies

With great pride, we aid veterans and their spouses in accessing a range of benefits and assistance programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including Aid and Attendance benefits.

Asset Protection

For our clients with substantial wealth, we devise comprehensive strategies that shield their assets from potential threats, whether they be creditors, long-term care expenses, or financial exploitation. This may involve the establishment of Trusts and other legal instruments to fortify financial security.

Probate and Estate Administration

Our probate attorneys serve as trusted allies, guiding families through the probate process following the loss of a loved one. We ensure that the deceased's estate is distributed in accordance with their intentions, adhering to the legal framework in Texas or Arkansas.

Streamlining Asset Transition With Revocable Living Trusts

Many of our clients find immense value in establishing Revocable Living Trusts. This strategic move not only bypasses the probate process but also upholds privacy while facilitating the efficient transfer of assets to designated beneficiaries.

Advocating for Health and Wellness

We navigate the intricate terrain of health care on behalf of our senior clients and their families. From pivotal medical decisions to health insurance coverage and long-term care considerations, our team is committed to providing sound guidance.

Enabling Special Needs Support

Special needs planning is a cornerstone of our practice. We offer expert advice on Special Needs Trusts and other tailored planning tools designed to safeguard the well-being and financial support of seniors with disabilities or special needs family members.

Documenting End-of-Life Preferences

Our dedicated advisors help seniors document their end-of-life preferences, covering an array of personal choices, including funeral arrangements and organ donation. Our commitment is to empower individuals to express their wishes thoughtfully and with clarity.

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