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Veterans Aid & Attendance is a vital program for eligible Veterans and their families. It is available to Veterans who qualify for the need-based VA pension and are in need of long-term care support services. However, approval for this important benefit can be frustratingly slow. We explain how the application process works and when you may be able to expect your benefits.

How to Apply for Aid & Attendance

If you are already receiving a VA pension but are now in need of additional assistance with daily tasks, you can apply for Aid & Attendance. If you are a Veteran who is not receiving a pension but you need help paying for a nursing home or other long-term care, you can apply for an improved pension with Aid & Attendance with a single application form. You will have to meet financial, age, and health requirements to be eligible. Gathering the documents needed to prove that you meet the requirements can be difficult and time-consuming. Once the application is submitted, you can expect to wait an average of nine months for approval. However, once the approval comes through, your first payment will include a lump sum to cover the time you had to wait.

How a Veterans Benefits Attorney Can Help

While we can’t make the VA move any faster, our experience with Aid & Attendance applications can save you a lot of time in the long run. We can quickly determine whether you are eligible and help you gather the required paperwork to make sure your initial application is complete and accurate. A complete application will make it through the review process much faster than one that is returned for more information.

Contact Ross & Shoalmire, PLLC for Help With VA Benefits

If you are a Veteran living in Texas or Arkansas—or the spouse or child of a Veteran—and have questions about the benefits that are available to you, give us a call. Our VA Benefits attorneys have helped hundreds of Veterans get the benefits they were entitled to and we can help you too.


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